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My job search so far...
Bishounen Nerd
So yeah, I wrote down how I was going for that interview. Well, it was for a job setting up home displays, and informing people about the benefits of air purifiers. I know what you might be thinking, another sales job, right? Well, from what I understand, it actually isn't. It seems the people we visit actually REQUESTED a home demonstration anyway, so we're not being intrusive or anything. Which is fine by me. However, I called them back, and they said something along the lines of "You qualified for the job, but all the positions are filled, so we're keeping your name on file." Well, I'm not going to wait for them to call me back. I have a new lead. It's a mail room job, so I'm probably going to be doing mail sorting and heavy lifting and such. I sent the resume out this afternoon, and by now it's probably headed to it's destination. And the best part is I wrote the resume as soon as I saw the job notice, so I'll be among one of the first people they'll look at. That's an empowering thought right there. Also, I wrote a pretty damn good resume, too, because I got feedback from some people I know, so they offered me advice on how to make it better. So, after that was done, I thought about riding out on a bike to mail out the envelope, but it would have been to hard to get out, seeing as uncle John's car was in the garage, and he's staying for the week. So, instead, I walked there. I would say it's about a 2-mile walk there and back, so I was pretty winded when I got back home. Anyway, yeah, the application is out, and I'm hoping this is the time when my period of unemployment ends.

And another thing happened, too. The U.S. Census Bureau called me. They asked if I wanted to be considered for a Census job if one is open this spring. So I told them I'm interested. But I need to get a job sooner, someone out there needs my help. She's the reason I'm making my move now...


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