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What do I do?
Bishounen Nerd
So, I've been talking to this woman online by the name of Liz Owen. She was someone I met in art class back in ECC, and I decided I really like her and all that. Well, we got around to talking, and so my emotions that I've been bottling up for the past 4-5 years finally exploded, and I confessed that I had this crush on her. But suddenly, just yesterday, I got an e-mail from her, and she said that I should move in with her and find a job so I could help her pay rent.

I can't believe what I was hearing! She said she wanted me to move in with her! This could be the chance to finally fulfill the crush that I have on her! But, here's the problem... I live all the way out in Farley, Iowa, (Much to my dismay) and she lives over in St. Charles, Illinois, the place where I grew up. What's worse, I don't know how much time I have to help her, and currently I have classes that I want to follow through with. It would take until winter to complete them! What's more, without a drivers license, there's no way I can cross over the Mississippi river, and I'm pretty much stuck here until I can find a job.

So, I'm trying desperately to concoct a plan that will suit both of our needs. I'm thinking what I'm going to do is while I'm taking classes, I'll try to see if I can find any leads on an entry-level full-time job doing a work from home job and get employment form them. This way, I don't have to drop it when I move out, like I did when I was forced to leave Goodwill. I could take this job with me wherever I go. I have only a desktop computer, and proficiency in MSOffice, due to a computer aptitude course I took back here. That way, I can get my job here, and that will finally convince my parents to finally let me take the test. If I pass, I can get my drivers' license and my parents will turn over the deed to their 1992 Toyota Camry to me, for which I will be paying insurance (which is the whole reason they aren't letting me take it now.) Then, I'm thinking of getting a student loan or financial aid, so that I can afford to pay for college when I go back to ECC.

Speaking of work from home jobs, however... I tried contacting someone on Craigslist for one. I contacted someone in Chicago. It seemed too good to be true, they promised free training, and $500-$600 a week. So I asked them a few questions. I got the reply this morning, in the form of a short message, written in bold, all-caps letters:


There goes that idea. So, anyway, my next move is to see my counselor in college, Chris Entringer, and ask him about possible telecommuting jobs. In the meantime, I need to study, a friend of mine from St. Charles is coming to pay me a visit, so I won't have the weekend to study like I usually do. That's all for now.