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My thoughts on "Your Journal - Your Money"...
Bishounen Nerd
... Why the hell should I have to pay $19.95/year just to put Google ads on my journal!? The moment that I'm writing this, I don't even think anyone is reading this journal. Even if it was pay-per-lead, it wouldn't even work! So why would I want to invest $19.95/year in a system that I could potentially lose money on!? Seriously, I have Google adsense ads on my Webs.com page, and even THOSE aren't making any money! And I've been writing in that one for a long time before I came here! If you want to check it out, anyway, here it is: bishounennerd.webs.com. Honestly, why can't they just do this free of charge? If you think you have a good answer, leave a comment, I want to know why they decided to have us pay for the service...