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I just got $10.11 from MyLot!
Bishounen Nerd
It took A LOT of posting on my part, but I finally reached minimum payout! And guess what!? I finally got my $10.11! I know, it's not much, but still, every little bit helps at this point. Now, what I need to do is invest this money. However, that isn't the point of this post. What I'm trying to say is yes, MyLot is a legitimate way to make money online. It's not very much money, but if you know how, you can make it work for you. The premise is simple: These guys pay you to post nearly anything that's on your mind. How much you get paid depends on the quality of your post, but it's usually only 1¢-2¢. However I have found out a really neat trick to making more money off of it...

The trick is, if you keep a discussion going, and it gets a bunch of replys, MyLot pays you very well for those. So if you can, avoid posting new posts, unless it's absolutely necessary. Best to reply to other peoples' replies and maximize your earnings. Whatever you do, DO NOT mention this on MyLot, it is against the ToS to discuss their payout methods on their site.

So, if you need a little extra money, check it out! Here's my referral link: http://www.mylot.com/?ref=BishounenNerd

You need a Paypal account to be able to get paid, too, but it's very easy to sign up for, and all you need is a bank account or credit card. I hope to see you there!
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What do I do?
Bishounen Nerd
So, I've been talking to this woman online by the name of Liz Owen. She was someone I met in art class back in ECC, and I decided I really like her and all that. Well, we got around to talking, and so my emotions that I've been bottling up for the past 4-5 years finally exploded, and I confessed that I had this crush on her. But suddenly, just yesterday, I got an e-mail from her, and she said that I should move in with her and find a job so I could help her pay rent.

I can't believe what I was hearing! She said she wanted me to move in with her! This could be the chance to finally fulfill the crush that I have on her! But, here's the problem... I live all the way out in Farley, Iowa, (Much to my dismay) and she lives over in St. Charles, Illinois, the place where I grew up. What's worse, I don't know how much time I have to help her, and currently I have classes that I want to follow through with. It would take until winter to complete them! What's more, without a drivers license, there's no way I can cross over the Mississippi river, and I'm pretty much stuck here until I can find a job.

So, I'm trying desperately to concoct a plan that will suit both of our needs. I'm thinking what I'm going to do is while I'm taking classes, I'll try to see if I can find any leads on an entry-level full-time job doing a work from home job and get employment form them. This way, I don't have to drop it when I move out, like I did when I was forced to leave Goodwill. I could take this job with me wherever I go. I have only a desktop computer, and proficiency in MSOffice, due to a computer aptitude course I took back here. That way, I can get my job here, and that will finally convince my parents to finally let me take the test. If I pass, I can get my drivers' license and my parents will turn over the deed to their 1992 Toyota Camry to me, for which I will be paying insurance (which is the whole reason they aren't letting me take it now.) Then, I'm thinking of getting a student loan or financial aid, so that I can afford to pay for college when I go back to ECC.

Speaking of work from home jobs, however... I tried contacting someone on Craigslist for one. I contacted someone in Chicago. It seemed too good to be true, they promised free training, and $500-$600 a week. So I asked them a few questions. I got the reply this morning, in the form of a short message, written in bold, all-caps letters:


There goes that idea. So, anyway, my next move is to see my counselor in college, Chris Entringer, and ask him about possible telecommuting jobs. In the meantime, I need to study, a friend of mine from St. Charles is coming to pay me a visit, so I won't have the weekend to study like I usually do. That's all for now.

I've got an interview tomorrow!
Bishounen Nerd
I called a company that I found in the local newspaper on the phone just a moment ago, and guess what? I told them I'd be coming in for an interview tomorrow at 5:00 PM! And the job I called for pays $11.95/hour! I can't wait, man, I mean, my days of being unemployed may finally be coming to an end, so stay tuned and wish me luck, everyone! And my folks said that if I get a job, they'll take me to take the test! I may get my license and ownership of the old family car! ZING!