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Even here...
Bishounen Nerd
     I remember when I used to go to St. Charles North, there was this one kid... I think his name was Joe... He was a member of the football team... Anyway, I remember him telling me for the first time that the people I thought were my friends were laughing at me from behind my back. The thing about me is I'm one of those people who lacks subtlety; I'll speak my mind, and usually I hold no quarters (Usually... Sometimes you HAVE to keep a secret, but I find that that is rarely the case.) Well, I used to hang out with preps... I know, I, who used to dress in all-black clothing, hung out with preps! But after he said that, I knew those guys weren't my friends. They were jerks. And I remember this one guy... He was kinda like I am now, long-ish hair, and wore black clothing (Not the exact same kind, but very similar. I'm very different in that I like to be unique, or I feel like I "vanish" and lose my identity, effectively becoming a carbon-copy, a clone of sorts of the millions of Americans here, if you get what I'm saying...) Anyway, he was one of the only people who stood up for me. I guess now that I look back, maybe I wanted to be like him - taking shit from no one.

     ... But I digress. This morning, after my Intro to Sociology class, some guy named Ben (I didn't know that until after I talked to him) brought it to my attention that people in back of me were laughing at me, because I always seemed to have something to say regarding the subject he was teaching. He said he didn't know if he should bring it up. Well, I'm actually glad he brought it up, and I thanked him, telling him I was glad he was being honest with me. You see, this guy reminded me of Joe... When everyone else was being an asshole, he was one of the few people who was honest with me. But even so, this isn't high-school, this is college. People are supposed to be SMART! I bet half the ones who laugh are the ones that would rather go shopping for the latest trendy pair of shoes than attend class.

     Which reminds me of back when I was still a web programming major (Last semester.) For all the times people are told to turn off their cellphones in class, there's always some guy who just ignores what they say and leave their cellphones on, disrupting everyone who is trying to study. Well, one day, when I was taking some courses teaching people how to become skilled in Microsoft Office (Which carried over to my AS major, hilariously enough,) the problem got so bad that Mrs. Oberbroeckling lost it! She stood in front of the class and just started going on a tyrade about how people were being disrespectful about others' study environment by allowing disruptions like that to occur. And she's right! That's exactly what it's about; respect! It's rude to leave your cellphone on in class because some people have a hard time studying unless it's quiet (Other's can listen to music, though, which is cool. At least if they have headphones it's not disruptive.) But I mean, unless they REALLY needed it on, there's no reason to keep it on. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't dislike cellphones, except for the fact that they have been known to cause brain tumors. If technology could find a way to fix that flaw, then they would be awesome. You know, kinda like plasma T.V.s don't emit X-Rays like console T.V.s do...
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