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Scam PTR sites
Bishounen Nerd
Here's the story: Recently I've been exploring PTR sites, that is, sites that pay you to read e-mails containing advertising content. The point of them is that you gain a certain amount of whatever they make and you have to reach a "minimum payout balance" in order to receive the money you earn from them. Lately, one of them, www.promails.org, has been giving me nothing but trouble. I reached over $10,000 and they still refused to give me the amount of money that I earned, so I contacted them saying that if they didn't send me my money within 48 hours, I would launch a smear campaign against them. I was a little bit late, but I kept my promise. Also, to any similar sites, if you do the same thing, YOUR name will end up on this list! You have been warned... Here are the sites that I have found to be scams:

www.promails.org: I reached the minimum payout requirement of this site, and whenever I clicked on the "request payout" button, it would say that I didn't have the required amount of money to request payment. I contacted them asking why I couldn't receive my payment, but they never got back to me. I got fed up with them and said that if they didn't send me my money within 48 hours, I would tell everyone I knew that they were a scam site. I was somewhat late, but I kept my promise. I will tell all my friends to read this to get it noticed.

I will add more if I find any more. Also, note that I only list sites that don't require money to join, what I intend to do is save you time, and to make the scam sites lose face.
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