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Confessions of a TSR.
Bishounen Nerd
I have seen the seamy underbelly of the corporate world from the inside... And now I want to share my story with the world. I hope it will infuriate you because that's what I'm aiming to do here.

About a year ago, I was looking for a job, and in the process, I found a company called Northwest Direct. I went in and asked them for an application. After I got them, I proceeded to ask them what they do. They said that they call people at home and offer them services.

Yup. That's right. TELEMARKETING!

So, I just took the application and walked away, expecting never to come back. But, little did I know, I would eventually be working for them. It turns out my mom wanted to check them out, and she believed they wouldn't be too bad to work for. Their way of trying to get employees was to advertise that they worked for a "popular childrens' magazine". Man, was she ever wrong.

The first 5 days were training. They had a special promotion where they would give a dollar for every sale that person made on a certain campaign. Now, usually I'm not the pushy type, and on this job, I still wasn't. But they would try to "motivate" us to do better. By that, I mean they would do the eventual "c'mon, people, chop chop! We need some sales here!" or something along the lines of that. Not very polite at all, considering that less people are buying things with the dropping interest rates and whatnot. But that isn't even the worst of it...

The final straw was this: We stopped doing the usual telemarketing campaign in order to do a survey, and I thought to myself, "finally, a break from trying to sell people something they can't afford!" But then, when I got into the campaign, I was appalled by what they were asking me to do... It turns out we were actually endorsing a political candidate in Alaska running for the Republican party. (I can't remember what position it was...) Anyway, if they answered a question a certain way, we would have to tell people that his opponent was smuggling money.

That's right... POLITICAL FREAKIN' MUDSLINGING! As of late, I've been getting into politics, and I admit, I hate the Dems & the Reps, and it's because all you hear is mudslinging, mudslinging, mudslinging! Take the last election for example:

Obama: John McCain will carry out the same policies as George Bush!
McCain: Oh yeah? Well, YOU'RE THE ANTI CHRIST, Obama!

Not to mention, there was the CONSTANT bombardment of mudslinging campaigns that Rod Blagoevich did when he was still running for governer of Illinois. Too many. But my point is, it's enough to make any person with good taste absolutely appalled and disgusted. And here, they were expecting ME to do the same thing! I later learned from someone I used to play Magic with that the practice is commonly known as "push-polling". I remember Saturday, I had to talk my mom into leaving that place (She was working with me while I was working on getting my license.), and thankfully we did. I never, EVER want to go back. And I will say, I've come out of that experience with a newfound hatred of the 2 major parties and the corporation. All they care about is the bottom line, to the point where they completely abandon their conscience! I want no part in that!

Wow, some people...
Bishounen Nerd
Okay, I was watching a video just now about how some guy slapped this 2 year old girl who was crying in a Wal Mart! I mean, he probably traumatized the damn girl! Now he's being held in custody for child cruelty. I mean, what was he thinking!? It's just a 2 year old child! I mean, I can understand that frustration at crying children, I used to work at a Goodwill for 2 years, and there were A LOT of children who came out of the store crying. But that is NO WAY to deal with frustration!

On the other hand, I couldn't stand how Willie Geist was talking down to him. This is what he said:

"His name is Roger Stevens, and he literally looks like a villain from Scooby Doo."

Wow, really? So you're going to add insult to injury and say he looks like a villain? Get off his a**, I mean, you caught him in a bad mood, and you expect him to look good? People look their best when they're smiling, and he was obviously PISSED, so don't you DARE try to denounce the way he looks in such a stereotypical way!

Then they go on to say how they were reminded of a moment on Dr. Phil where this kid was talking back to his mother and proceeded to slap her, tell her to shut up, and started yelling "HOW DOES THAT FEEL!?", to which Geist replied, "Shut up. Shut up. Dr. Phil bringing families together, that kid oughta be smacking strangers in a Wal Mart in no time."

You know what, Willie? I think you're just as much an undignified jerk as Bill O'Reily!

I f***ing hate Youtube now!
Bishounen Nerd
So, just a moment ago, I wanted to do a video parody of this Wiggles video that has been circulating around the internet by rearranging the clips of the video to make them look like they were singing "Land of Confusion" by Phil Collins. Then, when I go and try to upload it to Youtube, the audio gets muted because the song belongs to Warner Media Group! This is why I hate copyright laws! I was told that if you have no intention of making money off of a video, you can get away with using something someone else made, and it wasn't even all the music either, it was also the video! They were supposed to go hand-in-hand, to kind of parody the original! So it was my own work, even though I used elements from other people's work. But does Youtube appreciate that? No. They don't. They just think that anyone who uses someone else's work, whether credit has been given to the creator of the original or not, is STOLEN, regardless of whether the idea behind it was original or not. If somebody could let me know of a site where I can upload a video without some guys going haywire about stolen shit, that'd be great. I would like to get away from Youtube and their bullcrap.

I can't believe I just discovered Frank Zappa!
Bishounen Nerd
I can't believe I heard a Frank Zappa song without even realizing it! When I was working at Goodwill, one of my co-workers turned the radio to a station that was playing the song "Valley Girl", and I laughed my ass off, it was THE most hilarious thing I ever heard! If you were like me and haven't discovered Frank Zappa, this is your recommendation!